Miguna Defends Mike Sonko, Castigates Noordin Haji


Earlier this week, Mike Sonko’s lawyers had requested the court to allow the former Governor to travel to South Africa for special hip surgery. Today, the lawyers insisted that their client is not mentally stable to be following court proceedings. They protested that the Magistrate isn’t listening to their plea.

Mike Sonko is being charged with multiple cases linking him to terrorism. This has caught the attention of solicitor and barrister Miguna to jump into the defense of Sonko.

According to Miguna, wearing boots and shorts and t-shirts like those of Kenya troops isn’t something that a citizen can be charged with terrorism. He castigated office of the DPP, citing that he does not understand how terrorism is committed.

“So, @MikeSonko and 2 helpless aides have been charged with terrorism because they were "found" with t-shirts, shorts and boots "resembling" those worn by NATO troops. The DPP Noordin Haji does not understand that terrorism is not committed by t-shirts, boots or shorts,” Miguna wrote on twitter.

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