Wonder Shall Never End; See The Picture Of A Woman That Got People Talking Online

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The world today,most especially Nigeria we tend to embrace and put our Religious as our priorities. Different people with different religious have their own perspectives and doctrines but being at the mode of pragmatism about it is out of the track as some will always do the gratuitous which is against their doctrines.

What really make us a good and fervent member of our Religious is the ability to obey and to follow the principle lay down from the master. However, compromising has been ordered of the day as many have already out of the race to meet their own standard not the standard of their instructors. Being a religiously,there's always standard set for us in order to please our Maker which is our God by doing what's right before him.

Prior to this,a woman has become a converging point online as a man with twitter username @Orezi__ posted a picture of her while at the bar did the gratuitous act. This woman who seems to be at wrong place drinking alcohol, hence her actions has gotten many people talking online

See the tweet below

Nigerians as their norms have reacted on the post. However some people admit this action as normal routine while some disregarded this as bad deed coming from a woman whom her appearances proved to be good and responsible woman. See their reactions

what do you have to say prior to this picture?

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