Governor Obado in Court Over Murder Charges


Murder cases have really been in the rise following a few reports from news reporters and it so annoying when such cases are taken to court and delayed. Judgement has been delayed in various murder cases which has led to frustration among the family members of the murder victims. This is a issue that the court should take into consideration by far. Murder cases are ignored especially when those involved are renown people in the country as most of them are oftenly released on bail .

Sharon Otieno was murdered last year together with her unborn baby, Governor Obado alongside other two men were revealed as key murder suspects but judgement was delayed as these three denied the murder charges last year, now the three are back in court to be judged. The court claims that the judgement was delayed due to Covid-19 pandemic . Though the case was delayed it's a pleasure to hear that the case is back in court... Justice needs to be implemented after all

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