Bolt driver returns an iPhone 11 pro "max" left in his car to the owner.


 I chanced upon this picture on Facebook and thought my precious readers would be happy to know too. Isaac Donkor is a bolt driver who survives in the business despite the harsh economic conditions. According to the caption given to the picture on Facebook, he picked a passenger Akusika Sedziafa, and Linda Emefa Attianah off at Tudu at around 4 a.m. last Saturday.

After dropping them at the shop, one of them forgot her iPhone 11 pro max at the back seat.

 She immediately called the phone, and she was surprised the phone was answered by the driver. The bolt driver assured her she would get her phone back within some few minutes. "It was very difficult to believe his words because, very few people would return an iPhone 11 Pro max to it original owner" She said.

After some few minutes, the driver appeared and delivered the phone back to the owner. She then offered him some money for the fuel wasted but Isaac Donkor refused to accept the money saying it was nothing to attract a reward.

 Isaac Donkor is indeed a honest man and deserves to be praised. Many people would have immediately switched off the phone or remove the chip and throw it away.


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