Akothee Pays Rent For a Woman Whose Landlady Had Removed windows From Her House


Esther Akoth alias Akothee has shown her kind heart to a lady in need. The mother of five met the lady on the road standing on Wednesday and she wanted to know more.

The lady, cathrine, claimed that her house's windows had been uprooted last week Thursday because of her rent arrears. She says that the place is dangerous to sleep at night with her children. Cathrine has been standing on the road since Monday, 22nd June to beg.

She was in need and didn't have anyone to help her. Cathrine's mother was sick in the hospital and she even can't tell her about the problem she is going through since sh might have a heart attack.

Akothee's soft heart could not resist to offer help to her. She only had 5000 Kenyan shillings on her phone at that time but later she solved the problem.

Posting a conversation video with the lady on her Facebook page on Wednesday 24th June, Akothee added a caption saying;

"Eeee I don't have problems, people suffer shaaa, I could just hold this land lady and finalise with her physically."

Later on she posted a long caption and screenshots of an Mpesa message showing she cleared the rent arrears.

"Covird_19 Rent arrears for cathrine is sorted, the lady uprooted the window over a balance on 10,500 Ksh, and still demanded a refund of 1000 Ksh, to replace the windows she uprooted. So I have sent her 12,500 Ksh, and an additional of 500 Ksh, If this will make her happy and reach. I was so mad and shocked. 10,000 Ksh, is what I spend on my nails, after every 2 weeks, someone needs it for a roof over her family heads for 3 months, Mungu nifundishe kunyamaza."

She went on to share Cathrine's contact for anyone who may need to help her.

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