PTA board of Wesley Girls SHS addresses GES over their decision concerning the school.

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One trending topic here in Ghana lately concerns the secondary school, Wesley Girls SHS which is classified as one of the best secondary schools in Ghana. It has been noted for its immense performance in terms of their academics as a very good school. As we all know, it’s a girls’ school located in the Central Region. A case arose as a result of certain actions of a Muslim parent when he came to withdraw his ward from the school to participate in Ramadan. This got the whole country in a great talk indeed. Recently, GES had also given the recommendations which was in great opposition to the rules and regulations of the school.

Lately, the PTA board of the Wesley Girls School finally broke its silence on this matter. According to the PTA of the school, the decision of the GES might have negative impact on the school in terms of its regulatory requirements. The PTA also said that the school already has its rules and regulations and so therefore, it is required of every student to abide by them strictly. As a result of the uncalled-for action of the Muslim parent, the PTA made it clear that religion does not matter in these cases. They added that fasting was once approved in the school but it was having poor effects of the students some time ago. As a result, they decided to put an end to it for students to have good health for their studies.

The PTA added that, they had called for the parents and informed them about all they are to know about the school they are enrolling their wards in. So therefore, it’s not that they abhor fasting in the school but it’s just for the sake of the good health of the students. They also urged that the media should stop spreading false news about the school. The PTA addressed the GES that their decision for the school will surely bring about destruction some day to come. The PTA also said it’s the rules of the school they were just following and not any other thing. Indeed, it is clear that the PTA retaliates the decision made by GES and as a result, spoke out their mind.

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