I'm sorry, Bongo star Harmonize Apologizes to his ex Girlfriend to comeback.


Instagram was set ablaze after Tanzania’s Bongo artiste Harmonize, real name Rajabu Abdul Kahali, revealed that he had sired a daughter over a year ago with another woman. This was the end of his four year Marriage with Italian wife Sarah.

Harmonize went ahead and started a relationship with actress Kajala before he was dumped again after barely two month's .In a post on her Instagram stories, Kajala hinted that Harmonize was a selfish person after trying to go after her daughter Paula.

Harmonize seems to be lonely and looking to get back to his ex wife Sarah after posting an emotional message and apology for her.

Earlier this year,singer Harmonizes Italian girlfriend seemed not keen on mending ways with the Bongo star, after a social media post.

Sarah Michelotti wrote on her Instagram page that it was a waste of time trying to fix the past, because the past is already gone.

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