How To Send A Video Without Sound On WhatsApp

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WhatsApp (Android | iOS | Web) is a platform to send not only shipments, but also documents and content in photo, audio and video.

And the latter acquired a new feature: now it is possible to send videos without sound. The function began in February 2021 in Whatsapp Beta for Android and published in September of the same year for iOS.

Now the function is finally shown in the stable version of the Messenger, and it works for both individual and groups. Next, you will learn how to mute a video on whatsapp before sending it to a contact.

Step 1: In WhatsApp, open the call or group that you want to send a video.

Step 2: Select the video to be sent. As soon as the preview is displayed on WhatsApp, the upper left corner appears in the upper left corner, right next to the entire size and below the timeline to lower the video.

Step 3: Touch the speaker button to turn off the video.

Step 4: Select the Send button in the lower right corner of the screen to send the video without sound on whatsapp. You can also load as a single preview touching the "1" button. Very simple, right? Double videos can be a good alternative if you want to send a video to a contact and want to complete the need to customize the person to customize the audio.

Can it also help avoid embarrassing situations: Imagine someone's video with the "Zap Moan" or something like that when you play a half whatsapp? With the characteristic of the videos of silence that does not happen.

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