Wonders of Lemon Seeds On Your Skin

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Just like the fruit and the peel, lemon seeds are rich in salicylic acid, nutrients, it contain antioxidant, amino acid, has a small amount of protein and fats which are beneficial for our health.

Aside from using lemon seeds as an detoxifying property, food enhancer, pain reliever, a natural scent, to kill parasites, treat ailment, treat urinary tract infection, antibacterial spray, and improve immune system, it can be used to nourish skin.

The plenty of vitamin C in the lemon seeds act as an antioxidant which will help to maintain one healthy and youthful skin.

It also produce an essential oil which is effective in treating acne. We all know the cause of acne is a bacterial infection and lemon seeds contain antibacterial properties which help to fight the bacteria and leave your skin smooth, and clear.

It help skin to retain moisture and is ideal for treating irritated skin. In short it’s an excellent for use on sensitive skin. This is also why we can see lemon seeds from other skin care products.

HOW To Prepare A Lemon Seeds Face Mask

Take a handful lemon seeds and let them dry out on the sun. When it is dry, crush them to powder. For you to acquire a smooth powder crush them using mortar and pestle.

Add two tablespoon of honey, three tablespoon of water, two tablespoon of milk, one tablespoon of baking soda, and two tablespoon of aloe vera gel to your lemon powder and mix them till thick.

Clean your face and apply the paste in your face on a circular motion. Let it dry for one hour then wash it out using lukewarm water. Lastly, apply your favourite moisturizer.

Do this everyday if your acne is too much and three times a week if you want your skin to glow.

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