A woman was found being starved to death


An old woman from India was held captive as a slave for the past eight years by a couple from Melbourne. Kumuthinni Kannan and her husband has been found guilty for keeping the woman as a slave in their house.

The couple went to the Supreme Court of Victoria for a pre-sentence listening to on Tuesday as they serve 25 years in prison for their crime. The enslaved grandmother, was found at the Mount Waverly property she was malnourished, with untreated diabetes, septicaemia and weighed just 40kg.

Mrs. Kannan who is 53 years old and a mother of three did not even apologise or shows any signs of regret. Her lawyer, Mr Gideon Boas argued in the court that, the woman was not enslaved for the whole eight years and also said the sufferers proof against the couple was manifestly flawed.

But the prosecutor Richard Maidment QC said the couple did not search assist for the well being of the woman, which is aggravating function of the crime. The woman was found in a puddle of urine on the property. The Paramedics sent the emaciated woman to the hospital and her condition was discovered.

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