Famous News Anchor who Was Sacked And Worked In Quarry

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Njoroge Githinji in an interview gave his life story and how difficult it has been. Being young in marriage he had a lot to do including taking care of the family. He was once working in a famous TV station known as K24 owned by media max. 

Unfortunately his job ended and he had to be back home and look for another source of income so as to take care of his family. Life was an easy task. He first decided to go back to school to advance in his studies. 

Having a family he had to provide on their basic needs such as, housing, food and shelter. Due to lack of jobs the only option he had was to work in a quarry so as to provide for his family and to cater for his studies. He was sacked at the time his wife was 4 months pregnant. Having Diploma he had to sdvance.


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