Light At The End Of The Tunnel As Researchers Find A Vaccine That Is Effective Against Indian Strain


The fight against the corona virus pandemic has been a global effort and the role played by researchers world wide in finding a lasting solution to this menace is giving the people hope that soon the virus will be defeated.

India has been the latest nation to be hard hit with the virus with statistics showing that the country is recording over 300,000 positive corona virus cases on a daily basis as this reflects on their death toll which has surpassed the 200,000 mark over the past week.

The Asian based country has been a victim of a corona virus variant B.1.617 which according to medical experts, it helps the virus escape the body defence as well as the vaccine thus making the people to be vulnerable.

The strain was recently detected in Uganda which created fears among the neighbouring countries that the virus could soon get to them with the Indian strain having already circulated in close to 21 countries.

Their is however light at the end of the tunnel as a research published by the bioRxis indicates that the Covaxin,a vaccine produced by Bharat biotech was effective against the variant as it was able to prevent the virus from entering the body.

"The assurances of neutralization of the B.1.617 variant with sera BBV152 vaccine and recovered covid-19 cases will provide the much needed boost for the covid-19 vaccination programme."a researcher said.

The Covaxin vaccine was approved for use in January 3rd while still under clinical trial has an efficacy of 78% was also found to be able to neutralize the UK variant B.1.17 that was detected in Kenya.