Is Liverpool The most Successful club In England, See All trophies the Club won. (Liverpool at 129).


Thank you for clicking this article. The football world wishes Liverpool a happy birthday day as they celebrate their 129th year of esistence.

The Meseyside club who shares a city with Everton is arguably the most successful club in England as Manchester United also claims the throne. The clubs in it's esistence have won several domestic cups and European Trophies at large.

The club in it's existence has won,

League Tittles: 19

European cups: 6

FA cups: 7

League cups: 8

UEFA super cups: 4

UEFA cups: 3

FIFA World Club: 1

The Anfield Giants are the winners of 2019 Champions League having lost to Real Madrid in the previous year, and 2019/2020 season EPL winners but have suffered due to injuries on their key players in the just ended league Season.

They ended their three decades without an EPL Trophy in the 2019/2020 season. Between Liverpool and Manchester United, which team is the most successful club in England in your opinion?

Do you think Liverpool can win trophies next season when the injured player recover ? Share your thought with me.

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