Protest Plan by Teachers and other Workers against TUC and Labour Union


This brochure has been circulating online today and we have decided to check out certain things about it. According to in this ARTICLE , a plan is underway to protest against the Trade Union Cooperation and the Labour Union in Ghana.

The brochure is calling on people to join hands in the campaign to protest and remove the leadership of the Trade Union Cooperation and the Labour Union.

A post beneath the brochure also read, SAY NO TO FOUR PERCENT SALARY INCREMENT IN 2021 AND SEVEN PERCENT IN 2022.

Workers, especially teachers show their disapproval when the issue of increment in their salary pop up. As this brochure is up, (as seen on in this ARTICLE ), calling for all those who believe the Trade Union Cooperation and the Labour Union are not acting in their interest to join hands, one can be sure that teachers especially, would join this campaign.

This circulation has only began on WhatsApp recently, but our research in some WhatsApp groups reveal that it is gaining much traffic and reactions from people.

This shows the extent to which the news is spreading.

Do you think that workers need to launch this protest against the Unions?

Let us know in the comments section below.


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