Man predicted when the new variant will strike south africa again in 2022

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SA scientists discovered a variant of a virus that no one has in it's isolated state. forget science, this sorcery.

So South African Scientists discover new variant and the world, instead of thanking them, are now ostracizing them? The imbalance in the distribution of vaccines from the onset is what is causing these so called mutations.

If the masses don't comply, Divide and Conquer. It's only a matter of time before the pro vaxxers turn against the anti vaxxers, starting with businesses and learning institutions.

I plan on celebrating December at home. Not only to save lives but also not to give Ramaphosa the satisfaction of seeing the death toll numbers increase. Sometimes the only thing you can do to help others is to help yourself. The 4th Wave is something we all expected.

With the way Gauteng daily Covid infection rate is accelerating, I see imminent prohibition on cross-province travel this festive season.

Jacob Zuma was a president made by black SA citizens, unlike Cyril Ramaphosa who was made by whites.

Check the history of CODESA, Zuma is a big threat to whites. Now they are creating 4th Wave and lot of Blacks are going to suffer more.

The shady secretive posture of the western Governments, including our own, is not making life any easier for us. The inconsistent facts surrounding this covid, the treatment and the efficiency and effectiveness of the vaccines leave much to be desired.

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