What The Government Should Do To Eradicate Unemployment Among Youths. (OPINION).


Along the years, our country kenya have been affected with this disease of many people lacking jobs. Mostly youths. They might have all that requires for the job, but jobs are no longer available. Approximately about 61 percent of unemployed in our country are youths.

Now the government should come up with great initiatives actually to solve this. It should come up with funds to target young people within the age of 18 to 35 years who number around 31 million of the country's total population.

The fund's strategic focus should be on enterprise development as a key strategy that will increase economic opportunities for, and participation by kenyan youths in nation building.

The fund should also be intended to evolve and be able to meet the dynamic needs of the youths.

Through this, the government could have been highly installed the big intiative that is hoped to address the unemployment rate among youths.

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