"Wee Huku Nje Mnajua Kuweka Siri" Netizen Reactions After Xtian Dela Revealed this about His Family

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Xtian Dela who is a blogger, a social media influencer and a political candidate aspiring for Westland Member of Parliament, today he has broken the Instagram silence by posting an amazing photo with his beautiful girlfriend.

"I can't believe it's now seven months" he said. They must be secretive despite the fact that they are public figure. Her girlfriend, Fatma banj, she has been pregnant for the last seven months and no one new about it since it was out of the media though they used to post their old photos as usual in their pages to confuse the netizens.

He is really happy and appreciative to his wife for allowing him into her life and changing his life fully. He has even shaved the dreadlocks and transformed into a serious, descent man.

Below are netizens comments which are so encouraging

Djmokenya, "congratulations, it's time to focus blessing galore on your new phase."

Munene, "kumenyamaza hivo kumbe ndo maana."

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