Lies Our Parents Told Us While Growing Up

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My Dad was not only my father, I took him as my best friend I believe everything he said. He was always there for me by providing all my needs.

1. Go and wear your shoe, I'll be waiting for you.

This particular lie is a classic one because even some parents still use it till today, Once you go inside to rush and carry your shoe, the are gone. In Pigin it is called "One Chance"

2. Just tell me the truth, I promise I won't beat you.

After using words to convince you that you won't be beaten. It is very rare after saying the truth the will let you go untouched.

3. Let me hold the money for you.

My uncle visited us one day. He was very rich and after promising us that he will visit us one day, he finally came arround I was so excited on is coming. Before he left that day, he gave me ten thousand naira and I was so excited and my dad pretended as if he never saw when my uncle gave me the legal tender. 30 minutes after my uncle might have left the house my dad told me that money your uncle gave you " It is not safe in your hand bring it let me hold it for you" That how I loss the money.

4. I always came first in class

I do ask myself if every Nigerian parent came first. Who come carry second? not to talk of last that year? Indeed our parent are very good in telling lies.

5. Eat Bean so that you will grow tall

A lot of us believe it is a lie we eat Bean like it was a job because we never wanted to be short. But what we reap in the case is " Silent Mess"

6. Don't worry, we will soon leave

This one happen mostly after church service with my mum. Once they are with their friend that is staging them with hot gist. It is finished..

7. Don't swallow orange seed, if you do orange will grow in your head.

Meenh.... This is another hot one on hearing this, I was scared because swallowed like 3 seed already.

8. Tell that man that am not arround.

When my dad told me that I should tell the visitor out there that he is not arround. I went outside only to tell the visitor that my dad said I should tell him that he's not arround.

9. Don't cry again I will buy Biscuits for you.

Immediately you stop crying that ends it.

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