Do you remember Esther Smith? Check her recent pictures.


Hello Philadelphian, please welcome amd follow for more.Ghana gospel can never be documented without this iconic veteran songstress Esther Smith.She became a household name when she released her 2003 album called "Gye no di" The album won her a lot of awards including gospel award of the year,gospel artist of the year and female vocalist of the year.Her unique voice made her the reign for a long time.

Though the indomie generation might not know who this women might be but she played a magor role in Ghana music. In 2004,she relaeased another album which was also an instant hit which won her couples of awards as well. Her carrier begun to tone down when she had marital issues in 2007 which led to her absence from our airways.she travelled abroad and Ghanaians didnt hear from her again.

Recently, she celebrated her birthday with heart warming pictures that kept a lot of people missing her more.Though she's gromw but she doesnt look anything her age.The gospel singer is ageing beautifully.Here are some current pictures of her;

What is your favourite song from Esther Smith? What do you love about her.


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