Former Daniel Moi's Insider Speaks on 2022 Presidential Elections, Reveals What Might Happen


In every situation, there are always casualties of succession politics and in the 2022 presidential elections, stakes are high since President Uhuru with the support of Raila Odinga and Gideon Moi, are plotting to stop DP Ruto's presidency.

Because of competing interests, the incumbents always find themselves being assisted by intelligence services either Indirectly or directly to meddle with presidential campaigns.

According to the State House Comptroller during the time of President Moi, Franklin Bett, succession is not something to joke with. He added that any presidential hopeful has to know more about his rivals and weigh how strong they are.

He added that if the situations are not handled well, the country might plunge into chaos just like in 2013.

Already, the 2022 succession politics have drawn the battle lines between DP Ruto and the Raila, Uhuru and Gideon Moi's led team.

Even ODM and Jubilee are planning to merge the two national parties to face DP Ruto, who has already wrestled many leaders from ODM and Jubilee parties and drag them to his camp.

Franklin Bett