Kisii Journalist Helps Girl To ReturnTo School.

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It was happiness for the residents of Bosoti Ward in Kisii County when they were visited by a local journalists.The Journalist from Kisii town, mixed and dined with both children and adults.At Nyamiobo secondary school,he had the opportunity to talk to the curious students during their lunch break about the importance of embracing both English language if they wanted to become future jiurnalists"You have to measure well in your education especially in the languages and afew humanities like History and Geography.He of Bosoti Ward.

From there,the news reporter visited Nyamasege villages.He wondered why people had big pieces of land but could not work on them well to get food and money for their children.'They live in shanty grass thatched houses because they can not afford to buy ironsheets."Said Samuel Oterophoto:Grass thatched house.

One mother narrated how her daughter had missed going to school for one week because she did not have sanitary towels and a second pant to replace the dirty one."She feared going to school in these dirty pants because of fear of laugheter from her colleagues."Informed the mother.It was at this point when the writer mobilised the villagers for an impromptu fundsraiser.He donated shillings 500 to top up to what the villagers raised to assist the girl to buy the sanitary towels and pants to enable her return to girls at school.

The visiting journalist promised to contact leaders from the area to facilitate in the sensitization of the residents to realise their potential and use it for self sustianace.Bomachoge Chache Constituency is led by Mr Alpa Miruka as Ibrahim Ombuya represents Bosoti Ward in the Kisii ´┐╝Assembly photo:Alpa Miruka.

Other prominent leaders who come from the ward, include former MP Simeon Ogari and Job Nyangenya Omanga.

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