Three Best Cemeteries In The World


The dead also deserve a better resting place in the land of the dead just as they deserve when they are part of the living. Aside cemeteries being a scary place, some cemeteries also have beautiful decorations who can also serve as tourist site and a resting park. This article comes with three of the best cemeteries in the world.

1 St. Andrews Cathedral Graveyard 

This cemetery was once the biggest cemetery in Scotland and still reman as one of the beautiful cemeteries in the world. The size of this cemetery reduced due to actions of war, fire and storm. This cemetery was built in the 12th centuries. 

 2 Waverley Cemetery 

Waverley cemetery contains the mortal remains of great people like the great writer Henry Lawson and Irish Rebel Michael Dwyer. Waverley cemetery was built in 1877 and covers 40 acres of land.

3 Mount Of Olives 

The Mount of Olives located at Jerusalem contains the remain of great Christian leaders including Israel’s prime minister Menachem Begin. Currently the cemetery is running out of space.