Use these two plants and spiritual water if you want to switch to your third eye - follow the steps


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In this article, I shall be giving my readers and followers few clues on how to switch to their third eyes with Neem leaves, Tameawu leaves and Tabacco spiritual water. Performers of this ritual will gain these additional benefits aside from opening their third eye;

  1. It helps open ways to new opportunities.
  2. Evil eyes will be blinded completely.
  3. Good luck as you keep applying the mixture to your face.
  4. You will begin to see things spiritually.
  5. Favour will be common to you.

Directions to follow

Readers are to follow the instructions carefully to avoid every spiritual side effects. Follow these;

  1. Get the Neem and Tameawu leaves and wash them in water for them to lose their green pigments.
  2. Pour half of the Tabacco spiritual water into the water and say Psalm 82.
  3. Pray to God to grant you your third eye.
  4. Every night before you sleep, smear some in your face and sleep.
  5. Do this for a week and see your life turn around.

I believe this was helpful to my cherished readers and followers. In case of any doubt somewhere in this article, please don't hesitate to ask me inside the comment section. Thank you.