Kannywood: The thieves who seized a car of actor, Nasiru Naba have been arrested by the police


Twelve days after the car of Kannywood actor Nasiru Bello Sani (Nasiru Nava) was stolen, police arrested seven thieves.

If you recall, Fim magazine reported on March 31, 2021 how some unidentified assailants went to the actor's house in Maidile area in Kano and confiscated his belongings, including a car and bought in one day.

Police in Kano cracked down on robbers who broke into the house of the young actor in the long-running film 'Labari Na' which is being aired on Arewa24.

Actor, Nasiru Naba

Police showed the robbers in a video taken at the Kano State Police Headquarters in Bompai area, four of them with their accomplices in the purchase of stolen goods, and the wife of one of them. the thief who kept his gun for years.

Those arrested were are: Sa’idu Abubakar (32 years) and his wife Zainab Abubakar (20 years); Isyaku Maude (28 years), Adamu Ya’u (32 years), Sulaiman Jaafar (24 years), and stolen buyers, Kabiru Abubakar and Ibrahim Hassan (27 years).

Elaborating on the matter in a videotaped video obtained by Fim magazine, the state police spokesperson, DSP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, said: “Following the directive of the state commissioner of police. Kano, CP Sama'ila Shu'aibu Dikko, for expanding patrols and working shoulder to shoulder with the community, may the Almighty God grant us success.

“On March 29, 2021, at about 2:30 pm, we received a report from a man living in Maidile area of ​​Kano that armed robbers entered his house with rifles and other weapons. , confiscated his belongings and robbed him of his Ford, red.

Following the complaint, the Kano State Commissioner of Police launched Operation Puff Adder, which we were able to apprehend.

"When police arrested them, they seized weapons such as two rifles, 38 rounds of ammunition, knives and some of the items seized, as well as people goods which the robbers stoled.

Kiyawa added, "The Kano State Commissioner of Police has already ordered that they be taken to the Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation."

The robbers were given the opportunity to respond one by one while Kiyawa was interrogated in front of the stolen car.

From their statements, it is understood that they have long been committing heinous crimes in Kano State and other states.

It is also learned that along with a neighbor of Nasiru Naba, Sulaiman Jaafar, the thieves conspired to commit the crime, informing them of the actor's house to go and rob him.

Above: Sa'idu Abubakar and his wife Zainab; center, left to right: Isyaku Maude, Adamu Ya’u and leader Sulaiman Jaafar; below, shoppers, left to right: Kabiru Abubakar and Ibrahim Hassan

According to them, after stealing the car, the actor's mobile phone and computer, they rushed to Sokoto State to sell the car, but their efforts failed, and they were arrested by the police.

In his speech, the leader of the robbers, Sulaiman Jaafar, described how he invited the robbers, saying: “They are my friends, they called me and told me to come and show them where to go to rob. we got money, where I showed them my neighbor's house, and they went in at night and took his computer and his phones and his car. And our line is the same. ”

For his part, Nasiru Nava expressed his happiness over the victory of the police.

He told police in the video: "I am very happy with this victory. And I advise people as soon as something happens, to try to inform the authorities, to pray for God to reveal the truth.

"And I urge the government to do everything possible for them." She has taken such a drastic step that no one would want to take part in such a project."

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