The Epl Club With Large Number Of Instagram Followers Amongst The Big Six


Football is always sweet with fans but most captivating with the rivarly and live competition amongst different club fans.

Below is a list of of the big six Epl clubs with most followers according to the Instagram social media platform.

1.Manchester United

A club referred always as the 'Red Devils' currently under the manager Ole Gunnar.Sitting at the 2nd position at premier league and also Europa favourites.

Most followed on instagram.

However,the fans for the club disrupted the game yesterday against Liverpool......claiming they play when they want.

2.Liverpool Fc

A club under the manager Jurgen Klopp.Has been doing great for the last three seasons.Having won champions league recently.Secondly followed.

Always called the 'Reds' however this season they've been performing poorly due to the most injury setbacks for crucial players.

3.Chelsea Fc

The dangerous team currently with the outstanding performances since the new manager Thomas Tuchel took over.

They are at champions league semi finals and also top four in epl favourites.It is thirdly followed.

4.Manchester City

It is a club lucky to be managed by Pep Guardiola since he has developed the winning culture for them.

Currently won Carabao,almost winning the league title and at champions league semi finals.

It comes fourth with instagram followers.

5.Arsenal Fc

A club considered to be attached with 'heartbreaks' due to everytime disappointment with bad results.

Although being at position 10 in the league it has nicely improved under Arteta with captain Aubameyang in Europa league.Also the fans have had issues with the board demanding their director Kroenke out.

It is mostly likely they could meet with Manchester United at finals.See the photo below.


Recently the club is without a coach since Jose Mourinho exit.With Ryan Mason taking over.Has been a pace setter in the league since it doesn't win any trophy easily.Despite having the likes of Harry Kane and Son.

It is the last on instagram among the big six with followers.