Nonsense! See what this Lady was caught doing in the name of modeling.


We are indeed in a very horrible time in the world. From one strange thing to another. We can't just stop meeting surprises especially in the fashion world. Take a look at this:

Why should I allow this kind of nonsense? I find this extremely disgusting.

A virtuous woman will never stoop so low to do this. A woman of honour knows that her body belongs to God and not for some stupid designs.

God created us. He made us beautiful and unique. Every fibre of our being was designed by him and there is non imperfect.

A lot of persons found this odious and vehemently condemned same. See people's reactions:

Dear ladies, present your body in a way that it can be respected. Stop disgracing virtuous ladies, those who are proudly committed in keeping moral values in the society. Remember, we shall all die one day and what ever we sow, we will reap.