How Kenyans responded to the circulating fake post about UN publishing a quarter demographic 2019.


There has been a fuss on social media concerning a post that UN has finally published a quarter demographic report 2019. This is spreading so fast because of the data that has been captured in the report.

According to that post, the world population stands at 7.8 billion. That is not the end of the story. The most interesting part is th fact that women are twice as many as men, with their population standing at 5.6 billion at a time when the population of men is standing at 2.2 billion.

UN officials told AFP that the organization does not publish a quarterly demographic report. The also made it very clear that the organization releases World Population Prospects every 3-4 years adding that the 2019 report estimates that there are 3.824 billion women and 3.889 billion men globally.

This story has been going on and evoking several reactions, especially with regards to the data showing the ratio of men and women. However, this report can not be trusted as it has been dismissed as a fake news.