Help Your Chicks To Have Good Digestion By Doing The Following


First and foremost you should be in a position to have some knowledge to know if your chicks are having a bad digestion or not.

One of the main sign that your chick or chicks are having a bad digestion is a pasty butt as it is in the picture below.

Lack of proper digestion in chicks causes death of chicks since the waste is not properly digested.

The following are ways to improve your health of the chick in their bodies and prevent your chicks from dying.

1) On the first one week give your chicks clean water and also ensure that the drinking containers are very clean so that your chicks will not get sick.

2) On the first day in the water add liquid paraffin from the agrovet and it will help your chicks to have a proper digestion in the body.

3) On a daily basis every morning check the butt of the chick and in case there is a pasty butt take a cloth and deep it in a clean warm water and place it on the butt of the chick. Please don't remove it using your hands because it can damage the butt of the chick.

4) Once in two weeks you can also give your chicks milk so that they can have energy.

5) On the floor of the brooder place wood shavings so that they can absorb the waste from the chicks and the chicks will not eat it.

6) Do not congest your chicks so much and as they grow isolate the weak chicks from the stronger ones.

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