Pastor Offended By Money Lending App.

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Pastor John Kimani was called by a money lending app being requested to call one of his congregants to pay his debt. The pastor has been receiving numerous calls from the company. It is alleged that after a specified time period of one second.

The pastors' wife tried to talk to them and this is what she was told, "Madam, wewe ndiye pastor mdogo? nitakukemea mapepo kwa hio kichwa yako, wacha ujinga bana, patia pastor simu."

This is unethical and calls for the Government to come in-between and help salvage Kenyans. The pastor has been talked to in a very indecent manner. One does not become a guarantee/referee because someone mentioned his name and gave out his number. It is supposed to be through signing.

Many citizens are happy with Citizen TV who did the covering of this issue. It is noted that there are mobile money lending apps that have high rates. A person borrows Kshs. 1000 but is given Kshs 500 and after defaulting for a period of one week, the debt rises to about Kshs 2800. Furthermore, all the people in the borrower's list are called and asked to tell him/ her to pay the remaining arrears.

What do you think about these apps?

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