Here Are 5 Steps to Spot a FAKE Nike Airforce1, See Photos Of the Difference Between Fake and Real

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Nike's Air Force line of sporting shoes includes the Air Force 1, Air Force 2, Air Force 3, Air Force STS, Air Force 5, Air Force XXV, and Air Force 09. This is the first basketball sneaker to include Nike's revolutionary Air technology, which was developed by Bruce Kilgore. Styles of the shoe include low, mid, and high-tops.

1) Examine the Nike AF1's rear-end specifications. 

The fact that we have mentioned it numerous times already, but that it is never enough when it comes to this type of material, so allow us to reiterate ourselves. Fake Nike Air Force 1 sneakers are usually always found on the rear side of the shoe, which makes it the greatest place to look when trying to identify genuine Nike AF1 sneakers. Take a look at the images below to see the difference between the authentic and counterfeit Nike Air Force 1s. After that, we'll go over the flaws in the counterfeit Nike Air Force 1s. 

2) The difference between a genuine and a fake Nike AF1 size tag 

In order to complete the second part of this instruction on how to legitimately check Nike Air Force 1 sneakers, you will need to go inside the shoes and look at the information that has been printed on the size tag. Allow us to demonstrate the difference between the fake and real Nike AF1 photos in order to make this more understandable: 

3) The difference between a fake and a genuine Nike AF1 Swoosh logo 

When it comes to the third phase of the fake vs real Air Force 1 guide, we're going to shift our attention to the other side of the Nike sneakers, where we'll swiftly examine the shape of the Swoosh logo. 

4) Check the pattern of the holes on the side of the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers to make sure they are correct. 

When it comes to the fourth phase of the fake vs real Nike Air Force 1 legit check guide, we'll be looking at where the two holes are located on each side of the sneakers on both the real and fake Nike AF1 pairs of sneakers. 

5) The difference between a fake and a genuine Nike Air Force 1 toe box 

For the fifth stage of the fake versus real Nike Air Force 1 legit check guide, we will remain on the side of the sneakers, but this time we will be gazing to the front of the sneakers to see how the toe box looks, just like we did in the previous step. 

Essentially, the "toe box" refers to the area where your toes are able to fit comfortably inside your footwear. The false toe box region of the Nike Air Force 1 sneakers is either overly large (due to over-inflation) or too small the majority of the time.


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