Covid-19| The Third Wave is Almost Over, South Africa Might Be seeing Level 1 Soon

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Date: 22/09/21



After so many months of one of the harshest waves of the coronavirus in South Africa, there's finally a little glimmer of hope. The country has endured level four of the lockdown which had an alcohol ban and another demanding level 3 that followed.

Now that the country is on level 2, it seems like it won't stay there for long as things seem to be getting better each and every day. Cyril Ramaphosa has revealed some important information when it comes to the third Wave.


According to the president of South Africa, there is a high chance that the third Wave is going to end soon as the country keeps on decreasing the number of infections each and every day.

It has been said that the positivity rate which is the percentage of the number of people getting infected each day has decreased rapidly. This shows that the third Wave is losing momentum and it might come to an end soon.

Below is the graph of the current infections in the country which showcases the three waves South Africa has been in. It can be seen that the third Wave is one that has moved a little bit different which is why it is categorised as one of the hardest South Africa has been in.

It can be seen that at the current moment it is almost reaching a low level as the other waves which shows that it's about to come to an end.


It would be safe to say that South Africans need to ready themselves for level 1 of the lockdown in the upcoming weeks. At this time there is no stopping the decrease of the number of the infections which means that the Delta variant has been defeated and South Africa is stabilizing once again.

These are good news which every South Africa should celebrate because it is not known when the fourth wave will strike and this whole thing of higher lockdown levels will start again.

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