SAD: Look At What This Village Women Go Through While In LabouršŸ˜­


With the advancement of modern medicine around the world, there are major breakthroughs in fields relating to women health and child delivery. Even with this advancements, there are still places where women suffer greatly while in labour.

Honestly, the horrible dilemma is happening in Sekyere East District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. In this town women in labour at a community named Motokurodua and its environs are held up on ancient wooden doors to a CHPS compound for childbirth.e

Recently men and a good Samaritan Midwife, called Rosemary Delai Gavor carried a pregnant woman in labour on an old wooden door from a village to the Motokurodua CHPS Compound for delivery.

In an exclusive Interview with, some residents declared that many women in labour for decades, have been carried on old wooden doors to Motokurodua CHPS compound for delivery and a couple of them have died on arrival due to the delay. According to the dwellers horrible situation has been persisting for quite a long due to the lack of roads.

Madam Rosemary said she caters for the delivery cases in the CHPS Compound and frequently has to attend to other duties in nearby villages outside the health facility.

This community has no electricity or good water. Life of residents here is nothing to write home about.


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