Deputy President Emphasize On The Following Critical Key Issues To Kilifi County Residents Today


Speaking to Kilifi residents during a special meeting with local political leaders, DP Ruto told Kilifi residents to support his 2022 presidential bid, adding that the current economic crisis would not be solved by a low-level plan, but vice versa. He reported that Kenya loses a lot of money every day, due to the current economic situation, where it is very difficult and difficult for our youth to develop their talents due to the long process of getting help.

In addition, DP Ruto told Kilifi County residents that the time for economic, social and political change has come and no one will oppose it.

He said half of the people in power in the government had intimidated him in the past and his allies but that would not stop Kilifi residents from making informed political decisions until 2022.

Deputy President William Ruto told the residents of Kilifi County that it does not make sense to continue to borrow too much from outsiders, but we have the power to create our own economic environment. After the 2022 vote in which he hoped to become the next head of state.

"Given our economic situation, we plan to come up with better ways to ensure that our citizens have more money in their pockets. Gone will be the days when our government borrowed money from the IMFs of this land because our economy will be more stable than now. We don't have to borrow much outside," Ruto said.


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