Life Of The Kabowei People Of Delta State - Marriage And Burial

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The Kabowei People are part of the Ijaws that are located in Delta State, Nigeria. Although, the ijaws are culturally related, there are still some aspects of their culture that are different from others. Marriages and burials are done according to traditional rites.

The marriage process in Kabowei is given below:

The Kabowei People have 5 marriages, these 5 are, (a) Ekie-ere, a marriage held just between the two families, no elaborate activities, Fei-ere a big marriage, Tei -ere or Agbai-ere, taking a woman as a lover or concubine, (d) Kore-Weri

Koru, a marriage that is put on hold, and Tebe Tiemo, marriage in which a party is forced to marry the other.

The presence of a middle man is needed in the marriage of the people. The middle man serves as a guarantee that the bride is marrying into a good home and will be well taken care of.

The people of Kabowei have two types of ways that the death of someone is announced in the community. If the person that died is the oldest man, the death of the man is not announced immediately. The family will have to go to the river to fetch water. Before the water is fetched, a big fish must bubble in it.

This water is what will be used to wash the dead body before the burial. After washing, gunshots are fired and when it is heard, people will know that a notable person has died.

The second announcement is the death of a commoner. The cry of the relatives is what announces the death of the person.

The burial of the deceased takes place at several locations depending on the circumstances that led to the death of the person. If a person dies as an adult, he or she is buried in cemetery that is approved for burials by the community.

If it is by accident the person died, the person is not buried in the cemetery but across the river.

If the person dies having small pox or with a pregnancy, the burial is done across the river.

If a person dies as a witch or wizard, they are not buried but thrown into the river.

If a person dies childless, the burial is done silently without ceremonies.

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