I have done nothing to deserve this treatment but appreciate my effort of scoring for the team


Prince Opoku Agyemang is a well decided striker with a lot honor and respect. The purpose of the striker has been tremendous by winning game after game to get his name out there. Opoku Agyemang needs to understand that the league is not focusing on the scorers alone. But Justice Blay the most expensive midfielder in the league wish to ensure that there is safety and sanity in the team.

Medeama should sit up as board members to settle the case with the club and the player. Team owners needs to check the communication skills of theit players before they grant him access to go out there for interview's.

Moses Armah Parker the bank roller for the club have to put in much effort to calm tempers down. To classify the media as not learned and inexperienced is an indecent language to put the club's name into disrepute. This is not harm about the player 100 percent but some will go against the football club in the league.

Whether the media is not insighting their colleague station to also test the player to say more. This sometimes bring the whole career and image of the league down due to some inconvenience to the players performance. He should know perfectly that bad news spread faster than good news.

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