Bad News Hit Ashanti Region - GHS Revealed ‘Evil’ Things Happening In The Region


The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has openly revealed evil things happening in the Ashanti region. It is unfortunate a bad news that has hit the Ashanti region after the Regional Director of GHS, Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang revealed and confirmed evil things happening in some mortuaries in Ashanti region.

According to the Regional Director of GHS, Dr Emmanuel Tinkorang, who made it known that they have received several reports about how body parts get missing in most of the mortuaries in the region. He went further to implore the health workers to be more vigilant and sensitive with the rampant happenings, after confirming it.

However, he warned anyone involving in such act to desist from it and urged the victims to be assured that the perpetrators will be brought to book. Although more investigation has been launched over the bad news that has hit the Ashanti region over missing body parts in mortuaries, but no arrest has been made on the whole issue.

Meanwhile, residents has call on concerned security operatives to take swift action, because it is not safe for them if this kind of act continue in the region.

What can you say about all this happenings?.

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