SurprisingTurn Of Events After A Notorious Thug Pulled A Daring Maneuver To Avoid Police

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A sting operation carried out by police in conjunction with special team drawn from different units from the Kenya police has yielded a successful outcome.Following the increase in thievery in Nairobi and its environs. The police have been on high alert to mitigate the vicious gangs taking advantage of Kenyans during this tough Covid-19 times.

In Embakasi area at Mukuru kwa Njenga slums locals were forced to duck for cover after two forces collided when heavily armed gangsters were intercepted by police as they prepared to stage acts of robberies in the area.The cinematic-like events which followed saw police recover a fully loaded pistol loaded with 29 rounds of ammunition. Our highly trained sleuths managed to fatally shoot two suspects as one made a miraculous dive into a nearby sewer.

But police have informed that although he made the dive but not without some serious gunshot wounds.This operation comes only days as a lady was shot and killed by her alleged gangster lover 4 days ago.

The commendable efforts by our men in blue are something to smile about. Hope they never relent in their bid to provide safety to Kenyan.

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