List of Top Most Handsome Wrestlers in The WWE

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Randy Orton

His tenure as Intercontinental Champion has opened doors for him, and it wouldn't be unexpected to see him reclaim the WWE Championship in the not too distant future. Despite being one of the best-dressed members of the list, he is even more attractive when accompanied by his attractive wife.




 Roman Reigns 




 Considered by many fans to be “the” man, Roman Reigns is also one of the most attractive wrestlers on the WWE Men's roster. 



 As far as his looks go, Reigns seems to have a blessed personality, but as far as his real-life personality goes, he seems to be a strong man. 



 Finn Balor 



 Despite being one of the most charismatic members of the team, Finn Balor's ability to transform into the Demon King, the team's ultimate heel, secures his spot on our list. Despite being a reserved person behind the scenes, he exudes charisma which sets him apart from other celebrities. 



 Tye Dillinger 





 Years of dedication Tye Dillinger reachable upwards, and while he had not done there yet, his good appearance is a big part of what he is doing.

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