Should you keep texting your ex after a breakup?


Honestly, no, you shouldn’t keep texting your ex if they’re ignoring you.

On one hand, I encourage people to make an effort to fix things and work through a bad situation.

Perhaps, you made a big mistake and everything is still fresh.

Your ex may be ignoring you because they’re in shock and need time to process their feelings.

Making an effort to apologize, check up on them and make things right is important and can save a relationship or facilitate reconciliation.

However, other cases call for a seize of communication.

If you keep pestering your ex and they continue to ignore you, it can turn a bad situation into an ugly one.

Don’t put yourself or your ex through that unnecessary drama.

If they want to move on with their life and find some peace, respect their decision and leave them alone.

Also, if their reaction is unfounded or extreme given the circumstances of the situation, the last thing you want to do is keep texting them.

It achieves nothing.

You’re rewarding someone with your effort and time for treating you like a second-grade citizen. That’s not a self-loving or self-respecting thing to do.

Instead, leave things be and give them the space to contact you if they so wish.

If they don’t, walk away and focus on your present and future rather than what you cannot control.

Being ignored by an ex can be quite an annoying and frustrating situation to be in. It can even turn out to be quite hurtful. I would strongly advise you to leave them alone because they clearly do not want to communicate.

The most common reason why your ex is ignoring you is that they are doing no contact, they are still hurt, they hate you, they met someone else, they have nothing to say to you or trying to punish you.

Either way, from the looks of it, there’s really nothing you can do other than give them space and move on with your life.

If and when they are ready to talk, I’m more than certain that they will reach out or respond to your messages and calls.

Until then, leave them alone and give them the space they need and want. 

With that being said, I hope you found this article to be insightful and informative.