With All Due Respect To Her, But She Is Not Qualified To Be In that Position - Kevin Taylor


The CEO of Loud Silence Media, Kevin Ekow Baido Taylor, has taken a swipe at the deputy minister nominee for the Interior ministry, Naana Eyiah Quansah. According to Kevin Taylor, with all due respect to her, she doesn't qualify to be in that position.

Kevin Taylor made this statement on his 'With All Due respect' program yesterday, 9th June 2021, when he played back a video of Naana Eyiah Quansah's vetting in which she fumbled to answer questions.

According to Kevin Taylor, he doesn't have any issue with Naana Eyiah Quansah, but if we want to develop the country, we don't need persons like her a the helm of affairs.

" I don't know why they even have these vetting because it doesn't make any sense. She can't even put two words together to make sense which means that she cannot read and understand anything that will be put before her.

With all due respect to her, but she is not qualified to be the deputy minister of Interior. She is just like Hawa Koomson." He said

He added that although we need women in Parliament and also at the helm of affairs, at least they should be deserving of it.

Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8f22ovsY9Mw

Timeline: 1:22:34 - 1:37:10

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