Read Frank Lampard's comment when Andre Villas Boas got sacked years ago

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Chelsea signed a young André Villas-Boas on 22 June 2011 after compensating his former club FC Porto by paying them off with a world record amount of €15 million as at then. The coach signed for Chelsea on a three-year contract with immediate effect on 22 June 2011.

Villas Boas took over Chelsea due to his highly succesful coaching spell at Porto where he won l four trophies and became the youngest coach ever to win a European title in the process. But his spell was unsuccessful at Chelsea after he got sacked for poor run of form and a fallout with top players in the Chelsea squad including Frank Lampard himself.

Frank Lampard on Villa Boas when he got sacked 9 years ago: "The players had no part in his dismissal, he played his cards and they didn't work, maybe he was too young and maybe the job was too soon for him".

Frank is now currently the coach of Chelsea and he is having a bad run of form after spending €220 million in the summer. He has become the coach with the worst start to an EPL season under the Roman Abramovich era. His age, experience and tactics is being questioned week in week out and his comment on Villas Boas is currently being used in judging himself too.

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