UGANDA: Photo Of The 29 Million Nyamareebe Market That Collapsed A Week After Being Roofed

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A photo of the collapsed roof of the Nyamareebe market being constructed in Ibanda district Uganda sparked a series of mixed reactions after it went viral.

According to the Daily Monitor, the project was to cost a sum of 29 million Ugandan shillings and was being constructed by Jotara Uganda Limited.

Reportedly the roof had collapsed just a week after the contractors installed it leaving the residents confused and in questions.

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Local leaders in the area have pointed the finger at the contractors blaming them for shoddy work. However, both the contractors and the Ibanda district engineer have blamed the collapse of the building on heavy rains.

The police have since initiated an investigation to find out the main cause of the incident.

A section of Ugandans online bashed the contractors accusing them of not doing a quality job as equal to the amount of money paid.

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Photo credit: Daily Monitor

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