Nana Agradaa has no idols she uses her intelligence, Pep Donkor is not from God- Bible reveals

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Popular man of God whos is the founder and leader of King of Heaven Ministry popularly known as Nakoa Elisha has proved to the world through the power of the Bible that both Nana Agradaa and Pep Donkor are fake. In an interview with Kwadwo Poku on Kumasi Online TV, the man of God disclosed that it saddens his heart when he see the children of God going to wrong places for spiritual help. He added that there are people that pretends to be powerful but in reality they have nothing.

Some of them uses tricks and for that matter if you are not careful they will dupe you of your money. He then disclosed that Nana Agradaa and Pep Donkor who have engaged in a serious beef recently claiming to be genuine are all fake. In order for the man of God to prove to the world that what he is saying is true, he used the Bible to verify what he said and it was indeed true. He held the Bible and commanded it to go to the left if indeed Nana Agradaa and Pep Donkor are fake and it went to the left as a confirmation that both of them are fake.

The man of God added that Nana Agradaa has no idols nor spirits but she uses her intelligence to dupe people of their money whiles Pep Donkor who is claiming to be God's mouthpiece is not from God. He added that Ghanaians must be wise in their dealings with spiritualist since a lot of them who claimed to be powerful are all fake. Kindly leave your comments, share and follow us for more updates. Thank you.

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