People React To Old Photo Of An Igbo King Who Stood To Greet Queen Elizabeth While Other Kings Bowed


People have reacted to this viral photo that was posted in a popular Igbo group, the photo showed different tribe kings greeting Queen Elizabeth, only the Igbo king stood up straight to bow down to the Queen, other kings bowed down to shake the Queen's hand.

A lot of people reacted to the photos mostly Igbos and some of them said that the picture is accurate, stating that it is not in the nature of Igbos to worship any man, others in the comment section disagreed saying that bowing doesn't necessarily mean worshipping but rather paying respect to someone who is superior to you or who gas more authority than you.

I agree with the fact that bowing down to greet a superior is not worship and also not bowing to greet a superior is not an insult. You can respect and honor someone without bowing to them but if you choose to bow to them, it's still not a problem.

Other igbos said that bowing down to greet was not a part o

Here are some comments from people, some people in the comments are saying that the first King is not an Igbo king. What do you think?

How do you greet superiors in your tribe?