Good News For The People Living In Country Side. These Are Some Of The Ways ToEarn A Living


In most cases, people live far away from town centers. Nowadays they prefer using motorcycles because they are faster, cheap and convenient.

The good thing about this business is that you’ll have your own customers who call you from time to time to pick and drop them.

With a capital of Ksh 100,000, you will comfortably run motorcycle business in any rural area.

• Dairy Farming.

Brookside and KCC are the main companies that will buy milk from you. You can also sell the product to your neighbours. If you manage to keep 10 cows, you will make upwards of Ksh 50,000 per month.

• Opening Cyber Cafe Shop.

In villages, most people travel long distances to apply for jobs, photocopy and scan documents. Cyber Café business still does better there.

Set up a cyber café near a police station and a school and see how good the business will perform.

• Opening M-PESA Shop.

Those working in town send a lot of money to the village through MPESA, it’s rare to find someone with a bank account. The villages are not crowded with MPESA shops, which is a great opportunity for anyone who intends to start the business.

A capital of Ksh 100,000 is required to start this kind of business

• Selling Motorcycle Spare Parts.

Another booming business in rural areas is running a motorcycle spare parts business. This one will make you a millionaire within a year. If you have over Ksh 500,000, I will gladly encourage you to start this kind of business.

• Own A Tractor.

Farming is the main economic activity in rural areas. Places like Kisii, Kericho, Central Kenya, Eldoret and other parts of Rift Valley utilize tractors exhaustively. Buy one and you won’t sleep hungry.

The capital needed is about Ksh2 million

• Agro-Vet Business.

Agro-vet is very important in rural areas because farmers would come to buy drugs and other items needed for farming. This kind of business works perfectly in rural areas especially Nyanza, Western, Rift valley and Central Kenya.

The capital required is as low as Ksh300,000.

• Brick Making.

Since most people build their homes with bricks, running brick making business will be profitable. But this one requires someone with enough land with clay soil. Areas like Kisii are good for brick making.

• Establishing Posho Mill Plants.

People in rural areas don’t buy floor from supermarkets, they take their maize to nearby posh mills. There is no way you’ll lack customers for your posho mill business.

• Chemist.

There are very few chemists in villages—you can find only a single chemist in the entire village.

For those with certificates to operate a chemist, grab this wonderful opportunity and make easy money.

• Selling Wines And Spirits.

Unlike in towns where most people don’t have time for alcohol, in villages majority are idle, they drink alcohol a lot. Wines and Spirits shop will do well especially in crowded places like Kisii.

• Establishing General Shops.

Since supermarkets are few in rural areas, majority of the residents buy their products from general shops. If possible, label it Mini-supermarket and see how people will flock your shop.

• Pool Table Business.

You can also set up pool table business for idle population in villages. Though you won’t make a lot of profit, the money you’ll get will indeed help you to pay school fees and buy one or two items.

• Event Business And Catering Services.

People have funeral, wedding and other functions, they need chairs and tent for hire. Nowadays the demand for catering business is also high. Start by buying plastic chairs in thousands and a couple of tents. You will then need some items for cooking meals. I am sure you’ll get orders regularly.

• Establishing Barbershop Or Saloon.

Another business that works well in rural areas is a salon or barbershop . You don’t need an executive barbershop , just a simple one with a capital of Ksh 40,000 only. Salon will also do amazingly well. These two won’t disappoint you.

• Poultry Farming.

Many businesses in towns get kienyeji chicken from rural areas. Specialize in rearing kienyeji chicken only and get a market in Nairobi, Mombasa and other towns like Kisumu. You will earn a lot of money from this business.

• Sugarcane Growing.

Sugarcane business will also do well in our villages.Nowadays people in towns like Nairobi and Mombasa chew sugarcane a lot.The demand for his product is high.If you have more than half an acre of land, plant sugarcane and get orders from Nairobi and Mombasa.You will be selling each sugaracane at Ksh 40 to Ksh60.One acre will yield more than Ksh 300,000 per year.

• Selling Firewood And Charcoal.

Most people in rural area cook using Jiko or by using firewood. Open a shop for selling these products and see how you’ll make money.

• Tree Cutting Using A Power Saw.

Another hotcake business involves tree cutting with a power saw. The demand for power saw is high because timber is needed for construction. Buy as many power saws as possible and employ people to work for you.