Mixed Reactions As A Form One Boy Reports To His Dream School With Only A Cock In His Hands

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An Embu boy from Majengo estate has left teachers at the Kangaru Boys high school surprised after appearing in the school with only a cocktail cater for his fees.

Lawrence Murimi, the student, did his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) this year and scored 313 marks. He had been asked to report at the school on 4th May but didn't manage because of lack of school fees.

While narrating his story, he said that he woke up on Wednesday 18th May and asked his mother to escorted him to Kangaru High school after being tired of staying at home while other students were learning.

He arrived at the school in his primary school attires holding their one and only cook as school fees. Despite his desire to learn, the principal of the school turned him away since he didn’t have anything needed for form one.

The boy is now urging well-wishers to help him secure a chance in form one in his dream school.

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