Families Demand Justice for Their Daughters Defiled and Impregnated by Uncles



Two families in Lamu are demanding justice for their daughters who were defiled and impregnated by close relatives.

At Mswakini Village in Bar’goni, Lamu West, a 16-year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy this week after she was defiled by a 59-year old fisherman in the area ten months ago.

The family says their girl who is in class six has been turned into a teen parent.

They say the defiler fled after the incident and has not yet been traced.

The mother of the girl is now pleading with the authorities to find the man and ensure he faces the wrath of the law for destroying her daughter’s future dreams.

“He impregnated my daughter, a class six pupil and went into hiding. My girl has given birth. The family is poor. I demand for justice for my daughter. Let the man be traced and arrested so that the law can take its course,” said the mother.

On her side, the girl said she wanted the man to show up in order to take responsibility for the new born baby.

“I want to go back to school and pursue education. I haven’t despaired. Apart from facing the law, the man should also be forced to take full responsibility for my child since I want to go back to school and continue with my education,” she said.

At Mkondoni village in Hindi, Lamu West, another family is demanding justice for their 16-year-old daughter who was allegedly defiled by her uncle a few weeks ago.

The form one student told her family that her uncle had repeatedly defiled her a few weeks after requesting the family to have her stay at his home within Hindi Town since the girl’s home is way too far from the school she attends.

The girl’s parents said they took her to Hindi and Mokowe dispensaries where a medical examination confirmed she had actually been sexually assaulted.

Their effort to report the matter to the police in order for justice to prevail for the victim has not borne any fruits since the perpetrator’s family insists on resolving the matter locally at the family level.

“It came as a shock to us that our own brother did such a heinous act. The medical report has already proved that our daughter was defiled by the uncle. They know very well that our family is poor. They’ve now ganged against us, telling us that we shouldn’t pursue the matter with the police. We demand justice for our daughter and nothing else,” said the father.

The mother of the victim said her daughter has been psychologically affected by the ordeal since it happened.

“She gets startled easily especially during the night and when she’s alone. The uncle used to secretly visit her room at night and forced her into sexual intercourse. Nowadays she is just afraid of sleeping in her room alone here at home. She has also vowed not to go back to that particular school if it opens. We won’t drop the case. We need justice,” she said.

Speaking to Opera News Hub in Hindi Town, World Vision, Lamu Area Development Programme Manager Emmanuel Mkoba said cases of defilement; particularly incest was on the rise in Hindi Division.

Mr Mkoba said it was unfortunate that close relatives and even fathers were engaging in sexual relations with their children.

He said the situation is majorly contributed by increased alcohol and drug abuse in the region.

“Cases of defilement are on the rise especially within Hindi Division. It’s unfortunate that most of the victims are defiled by their own close relatives, including father. Incest is on the rise here,” said Mr Mkoba.

Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia has been very vocal in public barazas across the county, issuing stern warnings to would-be perpetrators and predators’ alike urging security officials to be tough on child sexual exploitation cases.

“We’re alert and we will ensure those involved in defilement face the full force of the law,” said Mr Macharia.

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