Photos: Ghanaians Praise A 15 Year Old JHS Student For His Amazing Drawing/Artistic Talent


Ghanaians Praise 15 Year Old JHS Student For His Amazing Drawing/Artistic Talent.

The young boy by the name of Gilbert was brought to light by Twins Diaries Junior in an attempt to get aid for the young kid to expand his God-given talent.

Initially, there were doubts that the young boy was the one behind such breathtaking drawings of several prominent personalities when an image surfaced of his painting of musician Kidi.

More images were therefore released to clear the doubts and Ghanaians have expressed their love for this raw talent.

Twins Diaries Jnr in his attempt to get support for the young boy's amazing drawing and artistic talent wrote;

"For those doubting the effortless drawings of the young boy's art for KiDi recently, here is the real pic in there. He has a couple of prestigious personal arts across the globe. Gilbert loves artwork and does these arts at the age of 15.

We pray this prestigious platform will expose his "God sent" to help him financially to acquire his dream! 🇬🇭"


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