Xenophobic Attack?? Watch What’s Going On In Gauteng, People Are Tire Of Foreigners

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Finally, people have made the decision to do what the police have been unable to do for a very long time: they have made the decision to pursue down and deport all unlawful aliens who have entered our communities. The police should remove foreigners from your areas because they are committing crimes knowing that they will never be apprehended because the department of home affairs does not have a record of their identities, according to residents. If you travel to the areas where the majority of foreigners are renting, you can find a variety of items, including electric lines, but they are still roaming around on our city streets. Despite the fact that not all foreigners are thieves, Mzanzi wants all foreigners out of the country since they are contributing to the country's high rate of unemployment by taking up a huge number of positions that were supposed to be filled by local inhabitants. 


Following all of this, the Soweto Lufhereng community, led by the legendary mix Nhlanhla, has chosen to protest, demanding that all foreigners employed in the communities be replaced by local locals, and that they be deported as well. Yesterday, members of the community marched to all of the enterprises that employed foreigners, setting them a deadline by which those foreigners must vacate the premises. In the event that the deadline is not met, they will be forced to take the law into their own hands. This march was led by Nhlahla, who is well-known for defending Maponya Mall for three days straight without sleeping during the July riots in Johannesburg. He is well-known for campaigning for African-American youngsters and for harboring a strong anti-foreigner sentiment. 


This march was backed by a large number of individuals. Following the release of the videos on social media, many individuals claimed that the March for Our Lives should be held in all nine provinces because if we don't stand up to these foreigners, they will seize control of our country. Some inhabitants of Soweto even claim that this march should take place during the weekdays, when all roads will be closed and the entire township will rise in opposition to the march. Some of the remarks made by Twitter users can be found in the section below. 


No one will do what we must to keep foreigners out of our neighborhoods if we do not take the necessary steps. This March has my complete support because foreigners have become so numerous that if we don't act now, we will be unable to manage them in the foreseeable future. What are your thoughts on this month of March? Do you agree with it? Please leave a comment below.


Source: https://twitter.com/babygal003/status/1482291736923803650?s=21

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