Ghana Meteorological Service Warned Us Yesterday Of The Rains, But Somehow, Some people Ignored It.

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The Ghana Meteorological Agency warned as early as 6am yesterday, that there would be rains with thunder in areas within the Savannah, Northern, Bono and Ahafo regions in the early hours of Tuesday. Also, Rains were expected later in the afternoon over more areas within southern Ghana.

This warning was shared on the social media page of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, but it was somehow ignored by virtually everyone. It received little attention with a mere 28 retweets and 43 Likes and just two comments, with one comment being from the agency itself.

True to the weather man's forecast, the southern sector was cloudy in the afternoon as expected, and soon it started to rain around 5pm especially in Accra and surrounding areas.

The rains caused alot of inconvenience - passengers were stranded, traffic was heavy, river bodies in flood prone areas were swelling up and the it seemed the rains were not stopping anytime soon.

For those who took to heed and could, they probably set of from work earlier or returned home early to avoid any inconvenience as a result of the rain. For those who couldn't and didn't, they paid the price. Stranded, probably hungry, shivering in cold, struggling for a vehicle to get some or stuck in traffic, and probably with a low battery or risk of phone getting soaked in rain.

Until we pay attention to the forecasts and warnings of the Ghana Meteorological Agency, we will be caught of guard, we will end up soaked in rain, hungry and stucked in traffic with our phone batteries dead, and the only solution to that, would be to LISTEN to the weather man.

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